Whatever investment you would like to add to your home or restaurant, it is best to research it first so you can get some simple yet useful tips in buying especially if you are getting the product for the first time. Below will inform you things you need to know about Sous Vide Machine so you can choose the right kitchen investment.

The Types Of Sous Vide Machines

It is true that Sous Vide Machines is responsible for the perfect and consistent result that allows you to serve quality and tasty food for your guest but there are types of sous vide machine in the market. One of it is the one mostly referred as immersion circulations in which the operation is simple. It will need a pot or container and some suits just any containers while few other types need its own sous vide container for cooking. On the other hand, there is also a type of Sous Vide Machine that looks like a pressure cooker or an oven, which has a stainless or plastic exterior and this is suitable for commercial purpose. Though there is also immersion circulation Sous Vide Machine that can be used for commercials and they are called the thermal circulation Sous Vide Machine. This is the type of Sous Vide Machine that is commonly used by chefs because it can accommodate up to 65 liters of water. Also, you have to know that there are types of Sous Vide Machine that are platinum-made rather than stainless that is why the prices can range depending on the materials used in manufacturing the product.

The Thermal Or Temperature Control

There is a simple selection of control to regulate the temperature such as low and high but there are also setting that are complex in some brands and types such as in Fahrenheit or preset setting. With the commercial purpose Sous Vide Machine like the oven type, it is like a square rice cooker with a stainless body structure. You have to put water and close its lid and set the temperature and wait until the food is cooked. If you are buying a Sous Vide Machine for commercial use, note that these types should be capable to handle heavy duty and with big capacity compared to home-use.

The Pressure Flow And The Temperature Sensor

For personal and home use, these functions may not be as important but if you want to use it for restaurant and other commercial purposes, you must note that the temperature sensor and the pressure flow is responsible so it will not overheat and overload. Normally, a Sous Vide Machine for commercial use should have the maximum of 12 liters per min pressure rate so you will not be in trouble.

Energy Efficient

There are brands and Sous Vide Machine models that allow you to save on the energy consumption. Check out the description of the product or items if it has a high energy saving rate or asks the seller if you are confused. In this way, your monthly bill won’t rise and would not add burden to your budget.

Automatic Switch Off

With commercial purpose Sous Vide Machine, it is essential that you must pick the model with low-water level protection. In this way, the Sous Vide Machine will just automatically switch off in case you forgot to put water on the Sous Vide container. If it is sous vide machine for commercial purpose then it uses more power so if it will not automatically off when there is no water inside then accidents or fire can start.