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  1. How did the winery get started?

A US politician was looking for a winery/vineyard to purchase in 2011. After shopping around he decided to launch the new winery in the Southern Oregon region. He also used careful planning in order to design and develop the winery and vineyard. This has helped to make it one of the best ones in the entire region.

  1. What’s unique about the Southern Oregon region?

There are various grape-growing regions in the US and the world. However, Oregon has a unique environment that is unique in the US. In fact, it results in an environment that’s unique in the Americas and more like Europe.

That’s due to the range of day temperatures in the region, as well as the mountainous geography. These are both features that produce a unique environment that’s ideal for growing grapes and making wine.

In the 1970s there were just a few wineries and vineyards in the region. Now there are over 100 wineries and over 200 vineyards. This shows that the region has grown quickly in terms of its grape-growing and winemaking. Not only that but it’s become one of the best grape-growing regions in the world.

  1. What kind of experience can visitors have?

If they visit our winery/vineyard, they can experience a tour that shows the process of growing the grapes in our vineyard, then make tasty wine in the winery. It’s a very complex process that we’re constantly perfecting.

Our winery focuses on making a small amount of the beverage. The reason is we want to focus on the quality. When you visit our winery/vineyard you can see how we produce some of the world’s top wines.

After the tour, you can also sit down and enjoy a panoramic view of our vineyards as you enjoy a bottle of fine wine. It’s the perfect way to end the tour. We want to provide a great experience for our visitors. One way we do that is by giving them a great view of our vineyards.

  1. What farming methods do you use?

One of the main ones is surface protection. We believe that it’s better to use a “green” approach to farming. The climate in the Southern Oregon region allows the grape-growing season to last for over half a year.

However, we realize that it’s important to use sustainable farming methods. This will help to maximize the output of our vineyards while giving the plants and soil the best chance to recovery during the offseason.

  1. What special events do you offer?

We offer several musical events on the deck. That includes all sorts of concerts that include bands of different genres. We believe that the perfect pairing includes a bottle of fine wine and fine music. Our events calendar is always full of excellent musical events.

  1. What is your wine club?

It’s a small group of people that receives a sampling of wines produced by a winery. We want the wine club to have special access to the various wines our winery produces.