If you’ve already read our posts on How to Make Sous Vide Mulled Wine and Tips for Buying a Sous Vide Machine for Wine, then you’re ready for our latest article: the Best Wine for Sous Vide Cooking.

As you’re well aware, not all wines are created equal. While we love the wines that Pyrenees Vineyard makes, there are some wines that are even better for cooking sous vide.

Cooking with Merlot

Cooking with Merlot is one of the oldest cooking wines out there. Even back in the days of Ancient Greece, people were cooking with merlot. Why? Because it has the sweet, bold characteristics that just seep into the meat that you’re cooking with.

Notice how I said meat. You’re going to want to use Merlot if you’re cooking with meat. If you’re solely cooking with vegetables, then you’re going to want to use our next wine:

Cooking with Chardonnay

Cooking wtih chardonnay is ideal if you’re working with vegetables. The dry, bold flavor of chardonnay is the perfect compliment to vegetables – especially green ones. The flavor really gets cooked into the heavier parts of the vegetable, giving it more flavor and more life. When the wine and vegetables are in the vacuum sealed sous vide bag, they’re going to infuse and become one.

Remember, when you’re cooking sous vide, you’re cooking food in a water oven. You’re going to need to use more wine than you normally would if you were using a skillet. Also, you’re going to need to cook the food a tad bit longer. Sous vide is all about timing and precision. Make sure you look at time and temperature charts before you get started on your sous vide wine cooking adventure.